Dr. David Gruder presents a one-of-a-kind training program for helping pros...
Help Your Clients Get Free From Societal/Political Stress & Learned Helplessness

Stop tiptoeing with clients around societal & political issues in the name of being non-biased. Master nonpartisan ways of assisting clients in dealing with these high stress issues in psychologically mature ways.

This may be the only training of its kind that’s specifically for helping pros.

May 14, 2020 | 8:30am-4:30pm | Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor 
ACEP 2020 Conference 1-Day Intensive
Attend the Main Conference too on May 15-17!

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The American Psychological Association has been tracking stress in the United States for a number of years through their "Stress in America” survey. They have found clear evidence that there is a growing need for psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic resources to help consumers across all generations deal more effectively with societal and political stressors. Here are some of their findings:

  • 62% of Americans report that the current political climate is a significant stressor

  • 56% say this is the lowest point in our nation’s history that they can remember

  • 69% report that considering the nation's future causes them significant stress

This is your invitation to attend a remarkable training program for helping pros from Dr. David Gruder. It’s for you if...


​You know that societal divisiveness, political polarization, and media mindjacking are creating massive stress in a significant number of your clients.​


You are done tiptoeing around societal & political issues with your clients in the name of remaining non-biased.​


You want to master nonpartisan ways of assisting your clients in dealing with these issues in psychologically healthy & uplifting ways.

This training provides you with a complete integrated set of psychoeducational interventions for equipping your clients to effectively deal with the societal & political stress that’s infecting their wellbeing, harming their relationships, & crushing them as citizens. You'll learn how to elevate your clients' mindset & skills in these 3 key areas:

  • Locus of Control
    Being controlled by situations, other people, and/or one's inner critic OR being self-sovereign.

    Elevate your ability to facilitate self-responsibility in your clients and to help them become free from their inner critic's tyranny.

  • Locus of Power

    Being power-phobic (afraid of one's misusing power), power passive (deferring to authorities, experts, ideologies, & propaganda), or power rebellious (opposing what's wrong instead of advocating solutions), OR mastering ethical personal power effectiveness.

    Discover how to help your clients replace propaganda susceptibility, learned helplessness, power phobia, and impotent activism, by propaganda-proofing them and elevating their ethical personal power effectiveness.

  • Locus of Interaction

    Using coercion or compromise to manage others OR using collaboration to co-create with other.

    Become more adept at improving your clients' capacity for both/and thinking (instead of either-or thinking) and teach them the skills that turn collaboration from a good intention into practical procedures.

  • PLUS
    Gain the following capabilities to deepen your ability to assist your clients in elevating their Locus of Control, Power & Interaction...

    • What the research says about the impacts of societal and political stress on clients

    • Three big myths that are fueling societal divisiveness and political polarization, and how helping professionals can lift the spell these create in clients 

    • A simple critical thinking framework that equips your clients to spot and cut through propaganda, so they can inoculate themselves against the daily Battle for the Brain

    • Training that helping pros need about the history, dynamics, and tactics of propaganda, and how to help  your clients inoculate themselves against being manipulated by it

    • The Five Great Truths of Thriving Societies that helping professionals must know in order to assist clients in dealing with the relentless daily barrage of propaganda coming from across the ideological, political, and special interest spectrums

    • A sustainable happiness formula that can enable your clients to integrate personal wellbeing and social responsibility into mature citizenship — what I call Self-Development That Serves Us All™

    • How to help your clients replace learned helplessness defeatism and impotent rebellious activism with psychologically mature solution-focused activism

    • A way to talk with your clients about the difference between sociopathic capitalism, debtism, and socially responsible capitalism

    • Showing your clients how to have difficult conversations about touchy topics in good ways

    • Ethical, financial, and risk implications of stepping into positively disruptive thought leadership as a helping professional who facilitates socially responsible self-development in your clients

  • BONUS: You will also get a private 30 minute post-event video call during which Dr. Gruder will assist you with customized implementation planning!

Why Take This Training From Dr. Gruder?

Dr. David Gruder is a 12-award-winning bestselling clinical & organizational development psychologist whose parents sent to Woodstock. Today he views himself as a recovering psychologist and professional troublemaker, whose mission is building a thriving future by integrating strategic self-development, socially responsible business success and societal wellbeing. Named America’s Integrity Expert by Radio-TV Interview Report, David has been featured in Forbes and Inc 20 times, and has authored, co-authored, or been featured in 24 books. He is also the developer of the FREEsponsibility Societal Repair Initiative. Oh, and in the midst of all this, he co-founded and was first President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology! (They are sponsoring this training program.) Through his keynotes, training programs, consulting, mentoring, and podcast, David equips leaders, influencers, and citizens to make integrity profitable, collaboration productive, happiness sustainable, and society healthy. His main website is DrGruder.com.

Where It's Happening & What's Included When You Register

  • Location: The beautiful Hyatt Regency Baltimore Harbor, in Baltimore, MD.
  • David's 1-Day Pre-Conference Training: Thursday May 14th, 8:30am to 4:30pm; limited to 30 attendees; Expected to be eligible for 6 hours of CE (including APA)/CME/CNE
  • Bonus: Post-Event Implementation Planning Call With Dr. Gruder
  • Main Conference: Friday through Sunday, May 15-17, 2020. 
    • ​David will also be presenting a two-hour Learning Lab; details on the conference website

While You're There, Attend the Main Conference Too...

  • Dates: Friday May 15 to Sunday May 17
  • Keynotes: Norm Shealy, MD | Her Holiness Sai Maa | Rick Hanson, PhD | Neil Theise, MD | Andrew Newberg, MD | Cyndi Dale
  • Invited Presenters: Peta Stapleton, PhD | Julie Brown Yau, PhD | David Feinstein, PhD | Tammy Nelson, PhD
  • More: Tons of 2-hour Learning Labs, including mine on Friday on Socially Responsible Psychotherapy, plus great evening activities
  • International Crowd: 500+ professionals attend every year from many countries around the world
  • Lots of Continuing Education: Up to 40.5 CE (including APA), CME & CNE hours available
  • Interdisciplinary: We welcome all helping professionals interested in integrative mind-body approaches including: Licensed Mental Health Pros | Nurses | Physicians | Coaches | Energy Healing Practitioners | Chiropractors | Acupuncturists | Educators | Clergy | Allied Health Professionals
  • The Perfect Blend: World Class Presentations | Top Flight Ethics | Collaboration at Its Best | Over-the-Moon Fun
  • Proud Grandfather: Of course, I'm biased because I was ACEP's Co-Founder & First President
  • Complete DetailsClick to download the conference brochure (PDF)

Tuition & Accommodations

  • ​Tuition increases the closer we get to the conference, so make a point of registering as soon as possible: check the pricing page for details.

    NOTE: Rates go up AND the PromoCode disappears on March 16th, so act now!
  • The Preakness is occurring the same weekend as the conference, so make your hotel reservations right away because rooms in the entire Baltimore area, including at the conference hotel, will sell out. Hotel details on this page of the conference website: www.ep-conference.org/hotel

Act Now: Seats Are Limited & the Longer You Wait the Higher the Price

  • Dr. Gruder's day-long training program is limited to only 30 attendees.
  • Enrollment pricing will keep increasing the closer we get to the event
  • The hotel will sell out.


Rates go up AND the PromoCode disappears on March 16th, so act now!


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