We've Been Fed a Faulty Damaging Version of "Having It All"


The Integrity Guide to Having It All​
How to Put Your Genius Where Your Dreams Are So You Can Shift From Living a Survival Life to a Thrival Life

The World's Only Full Spectrum Anger Literacy & Effectiveness System™... from Dr. David Gruder.

Self-Help Gurus Have Sold You a MYTH 😤

There is no quick fix that will create the life you want. 


Life is a series of challenges. Only you decide if they are going to break you or transform you. 


Thriving instead of merely surviving requires tools you’ve never gotten. Ones that equip you to turn your challenges into gold. 


You're about to discover the 8-award-winning lifetime solution that blows quick fixes out of the water. It's been the self-development world's best kept secret because it scares a lot of the self-help gurus. 


Now it's finally available to YOU. 👇🏼👇🏼

You're still reading because you want to get the most from the time, energy & money you're investing in yourself. Mostly, people waste huge amounts of time, energy and money on personal and professional self-development resources.


Using the "throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks" approach to selecting self-development resources is inefficient, not to mention frustrating. It causes many people in feel like no matter how many books they read, workshops or retreats they attend, self-help programs they are involved with, and/or professional assistance they seek, they still don't have nearly enough to show for their efforts. Either that or they feel like they've topped out on what they able to get from the resources they've used but there's still more to do and they don't know how to do it.


If any of this sounds like you, keep reading.


There are three big reasons this huge problem exists for almost everyone who takes their self-development seriously. Look them over and decide which of these applies to you:

  1. A Faulty Happiness Formula: Does your life feel incomplete and less-than-fulfilling no matter how much you work on yourself? If so, chances are good that you've adopted a faulty happiness formula without knowing it -- or perhaps knowing it but not yet having a more compelling alternative.
  2. No Sequenced Self-Development Roadmap: Do you have a framework that helps you determine the most efficient order in which to focus on the various aspects of your personal and professional self-development? If not,  inefficient with the time, energy and money you devote to this probably feels inefficient to say the least.
  3. Resource Selection Gridlock: Does the range of self-development resources that exist today feel overwhelming? Well, it is! Unless you have clear criteria for deciding what kinds of resources are best at accomplishing your self-development objectives, you risk making unhelpful resource selections and you even be overwhelmed enough by all the options that you've fallen into resource selection paralysis. 

Dr. David Gruder's signature step-by-step program solves all three of these challenges. The Integrity Guide to Having It All is designed to turn you into the master-architect of your personal, relationship, professional, and citizen self-development. It's the third generation of his 8-award-winning 25-year-old road tested roadmap for strategic integrated self-development.

Want Some Background Details?
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What are the four perspectives on Having It All?

What are the most common symptoms of NOT Having It All?

Who is The Integrity Guide to Having It All for?

To succeed in the 21st century with an integrity-centered version of Having It All, what do I need?

Here's What You'll Get!

The most complete & integrated system available today for efficiently taking charge of your lifelong self-development in ALL parts of your life, AND for getting your best possible results from the resources you use each step of the way.​

This work-at-your-own-speed online course provides you with complete soup-to-nuts training in the mindset and skillsets that make it far easier and more efficient to become more fully authentic, deepen your connectedness and collaboration with others, and elevate your positive impact in the world.


The course is divided into 10 bite-sized modules (see below for the descriptions of each one). They include videos, reading, self-assessments, exercises, action guides, and planning sheets, for integrating what you learn into all parts of your life -- in your relationship with yourself, in your cherished relationships, at work, in your community, and in how you're of service.


You'll also be able to interact with Dr. Gruder and your fellow course members about each module's content.


You'll find a summary of each of the program's 10 module below. 


Having It All Roadmap

Get clearer than ever about why it's so challenging to fully become who you really are, deepen your connection with others, and more positively impact the world. Discover extremely important clues that having been lying in plain sight about how your self-development journey can be far easier, more efficient, and more successful than you ever imagined possible.


Survival & Redemption

Discover the brilliant reasons you sacrificed portions of your integrity and authenticity as while growing up, the mission you intuitively tasked your genius with fulfilling instead, and how this mission saved your life. You'll also see what your childhood survival plan turned into as an adult... until you decide to find a better way of living than your survival plan can ever provide to you.


LifeZones & Teachability

You'll now turn your attention to how to replace survival with thrival as an adult by mastering the four LifeZones of Adult Development. After that, you'll go on a birds eye view tour of each of the seven WisePassions that enable us to thrive, and what's involved in upgrading each. You'll then take a deep dive into upgrading your first WisePassion: Teachability.


WisePassion 2 -

In this module you'll clarify your current relationship with your Self-Care WisePassion by evaluating how attentive you are to each self-care component... especially ones that you might not even realize are crucial to integrious self-care. Exercises will help you upgrade the self-care habits that will be the most useful for YOU to upgrade at this time.


WisePassion 3 - Discernment

This module assists you in clarifying your current relationship with your Discernment WisePassion. Discernment is your relationship with input, accepting influence, and making decisions. You will evaluate each how attentive you are to each discernment component and then use exercises to upgrade whichever discernment habits you discover need your attention most.


WisePassion 4 - Harvesting

Harvesting is your capacity to use all of your life experiences – especially the undesired ones – as a means for restoring lost aspects of your authenticity & personal power, expanding your capacity to love & collaborate with others, and upgrading your capacity to serve highest good. This module helps you upgrade your Harvesting mastery.


WisePassion 5 -

Power is your ability to effectively manifest your intentions by fully expressing your inner light, strengths, gifts, deepest truths and creativity, while remaining inwardly true to your boundaries & honest about them with others. In this module, you'll pinpoint the aspects of Power you'll most benefit from elevating, and you'll then make those upgrades with the assistance of this module's exercises.


WisePassion 6 -

Synergy is your capacity to honestly & collaboratively co-create relationships & solutions that are mutually fulfilling, productive & resilient, rather than based on coercion, capitulation, compromise, or even consensus... and to decline to closely engage with those with whom skilled good-faith efforts to collaborate consistently fail. This module provides exercises to help you identify and upgrade your Synergy growth edges in all parts of your life.


WisePassion 7 - Stewardship

Stewardship is your capacity to honestly & effectively synergize with others, as your truest self, so together you and they can co-discover and serve highest good in whatever spheres of influence call to you (family, work, communities, social responsibility, and service, educational, & religious organizations, etc.). This module provides exercises to help you identify and upgrade your Stewardships growth edges.


Whole & Complete

This final module helps you tie the entire course together so you continue your lifetime journey toward becoming a Strategic Integrated Self-Development master. You'll develop your own customized Move-Forward Plans & Daily Wellbeing Practices. And you'll get a glimpse into the Grand Upshift in Humanity that we're currently undergoing, despite the ways it might look like our society is currently deteriorating.


Energy Psychology

Because Dr. Gruder has for decades been a world-renowned expert in Energy Psychology methods, he has included as a bonus his Energy Psychology Self-Help program that you can optionally use to supercharge your implementation of the material in The Integrity Guide to Having It All™

Guided Tour Video!

View the Program!

In this video, Dr. Gruder takes you on tour of what's in this comprehensive program (you can maximize the video's size to see it better). You'll quickly see why this program is far more than one-and-done -- it's a roadmap you can continue to use to guide your strategic integrated self-development for the rest of your life.

Sample Course Video!

Dr. G Welcomes You

Why Dr. David?

Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP​

Internationally Recognized Expert in Integrity, Human Potential, Leadership, Collaboration, Culture Architecture & Societal Repair

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Dr. Gruder has been intrigued with connecting seemingly disconnected dots since childhood. This ultimately led him into becoming a thought leader in providing practical ways to integrate personal, relationship, leadership, and culture development, in service of making life fulfilling, happiness sustainable, relationships loving, integrity profitable, and society healthy.

Some of the life experiences that most influenced David in this direction include having been at Woodstock when he was 15 (his parents sent him, but that's another fascinating story), having been an administrator with the very first integrative health and medicine organization in the mid-1970s, the never-imagined demise of his first marriage, his extraordinary current marriage,  having been in the New York area when 9/11 occurred, and subsequently having been brought to Geneva Switzerland to train a group of World Trade Organization ambassadors in collaborative negotiation skills.


David developed his first version of Strategic Integrated Self-development in the 1990s. This led to his first book, Sensible Self-Help: The First Road Map for the Healing Journey, which won a Colliers 1996 Mental Health Book of the Year award and another award in health & wellness. He released his second version of this material in 2008, in his book The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships & Our World. This interdisciplinary book won awards in the areas of social change, current events in politics & society, conscious business & leadership, health & wellness, transformational psychology, and self-help. It also resulted in Radio-TV Interview Reports naming him America's Integrity Expert.


That material evolved a decade later into the comprehensive Learn-It-Yourself™ online training called The Integrity Guide to Having It All: How to Put Your Genius Where Your Dreams Are™. This program is divided into 10 fully integrated modules, each of which includes videos, reading, self-assessments, and exercises. It is for leaders, companies,  educational institutions, self-improvers, and helping professionals.


In addition to this and other online courses of David's, he also continues to provide keynotes, training programs, leader mentoring and media interviews around the world and remotely.


You can find more comprehensive information about Dr. Gruder at www.DrGruder.com/about (clicking that link opens a new window).

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Is this Integrated Self-Development System Right for You?

If you're looking to take charge of your lifelong self-development in ALL parts of your life, this resource goes light years beyond any other online course available today.


  • People devoted to elevating their wellbeing, emotional intelligence (EQ), life fulfillment, to new heights, in their personal, work, and community life, in efficient integrated ways.

  • Managers, leaders & entrepreneurs wanting to elevate their leadership effectiveness, their personnel productivity, and the culture of their company, nonprofit or governance agency.

  • Anyone wanting a complete system for guiding lifelong self-development in the most strategically sounds ways possible.

  • Psychotherapists, coaches, clergy & other helping pros who focus on helping their clients move beyond surviving to thriving, and replace endless problems parades with root cause healing & psychoeducationally savvy life optimization skills that go beyond what you have time to provide clients during sessions.


  • People who want a better Survival Plan so you can better tolerate living The Ballad of Jack & Diane: "Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone."

  • People who don't care about using a strategic integrated road map to guide make their lifetime self-development journey as efficient, productive and enjoyable as possible.

  • People who are okay with a "throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks" approach to selecting self-development resources. 

  • People who don't want to take responsibility for your life -- if you want to remain a damaged victim of other people and unwanted situations.

  • People who believe that online courses are a viable substitute for psychotherapy or other types of medical or professional assistance.

  • Helping professionals who are satisfied with treating symptoms rather than causes and are okay with the following health insurance company expectations that restoring clients to their "prior level of functioning" is all that should be provided to clients/patients.


No matter how outstanding and one-of-a-kind Dr. Gruder's Integrity Guide to Having It All is, we realize that you won't truly know if this resource provides what you've been looking for (and more!) until you actually access it.


We want to make sure that you're delighted with this course. So, we're reversing your risk by giving you a 7-day test drive. What this means is that if during this period you believe this framework won't equip you to get from most from your self-development efforts, just let us know and we'll gladly refund your full investment. (Simply click the Support icon you’ll find within the course.)


The Integrity Guide to Having It All: How to Put Your Genius Where Your Dreams Are is solely a self-help Learn-It-Yourself™ education resource. It is not psychotherapy, medical care, spiritual advising, or a substitute for these or any other types of professional assistance you might need. Only you can know when a resource like this course, is right for you — at all or at a particular time time. How you make sense of what Dr. Gruder provides in this course, how you understand & utilize it, and the results you get from it, are solely in your hands. Utilizing this resources does NOT create a client-psychotherapist relationship between you and Dr. Gruder, or with anyone else with whom he is affiliated. Should you find that you need counseling or psychotherapy as you utilize this or any of Dr. Gruder's other resources, you take full and complete responsibility for seeking this from an appropriate professional. You can read our full Terms of Use document at https://DrGruder.com/disclaimer




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