Your choice to utilize resources that Dr. Gruder recommends is your agreement to all portions of the following Resource Recommendations Disclaimer.

As integrity expert, Dr. Gruder does NOT promote resources as favors to individuals or organizations who simply seek your eyeballs. He only lets you know about  resources from others that he believes have the potential to be particularly useful for certain people and needs. 


Some of the resources Dr. Gruder recommends are free. Others are for purchase. He will receive financial compensation as an affiliate if you purchase some (but not all) of his recommended resources. However, what you can be sure of is Dr. Gruder’s dedication to only letting you know about resources he sees great value in, regardless of whether or not he stands to gain financially if you decide to utilize them.


Only you can know WHICH resources might be useful to you, and WHEN they might be of the greatest use to you. Dr. Gruder can never make those choices for anyone other than himself. He thus assumes no liability whatsoever for  choices you make about resources you utilize.


In other words, it's always your responsibility to make informed choices on your own behalf about whether it's in your best interests to utilize a resource. Dr. Gruder passionately encourages you to never let yourself be manipulated by anyone into purchasing things you don't need, or that you don't need at this point in time.


While Dr. Gruder very much welcomes  feedback from you about resources he recommends, should you have difficulty with a particular resource, getting that resolved remains solely between you and the resource provider.

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